SIX WAYS TO THINK LIKE CHRIST (in the Book of Matthew)

Reference:  5:21, 22

Example:  Murder

It’s not enough to:  Avoid killing

We must also:  Avoid anger and hatred


Reference:  5:23 – 26

Example:  Offerings

It’s not enough to:  Offer regular gifts

We must also:  Have right relationships with God and others


Reference:  5:27 – 30

Example:  Adultery

It’s not enough to:  Avoid adultery

We must also:  Keep our hearts from lusting and be faithful


Reference:  5:31, 32

Example:  Divorce

It’s not enough to:  Be legally married

We must also:  Live out our marriage commitments


Reference:  5:33 – 37

Example:  Oaths

It’s not enough to:  Make an oath

We must also:  Avoid casual and irresponsible commitments to God


Reference:  5:38 – 47

Example:  Revenge

It’s not enough to: Seek justice for ourselves

We must also:  Show mercy and love to others

We are, more often than not, guilty of avoiding the extreme sins while regularly committing the types of sins with which Jesus was most concerned. In these six examples, our real struggle with sin is exposed.  Jesus pointed out what kind of lives would be required of his followers.  Are you living as Jesus taught?


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