1. Mountains of Ararat Adam and Eve’s sin brought sin into the human race.  Years later, Sin had run rampant and God decided to destroy the earth with a great flood.  But Noah, his family, and two of each animal were safe in the ark.  When the floods receded, the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat (8:4).
  2. Babel People never learn.  Again sin abounded and the pride of the people led them to build a huge tower as a monument to their own greatness – obviously they had no thought of God.  As punishment, God scattered the people by giving them different languages (118:8, 9).
  3. Ur of the Chaldeans Abram, a descendant of Shem and father of the Hebrew nation, was born in this great city (11:28).
  4. Haran Terah, Lot, Abram, and Sarai left Ur and, following the fertile crescent of the Euphrates River, headed towards the land of Canaan.  Along the way, they settled in the city of Haran for a while (11:31).
  5. Shechem God urged Abram to leave Haran and go to a place where he would become the father of a great nation (12:1, 2).  So Abram, Lot, and Sarai travelled to the land of Canaan and settled near a city called Shechem (12:6).
  6. Hebron Abraham moved on to Hebron where he put down his deepest roots (13:18).  Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all lived and were buried here.
  7. Beersheba A well was dug here as a sign of an oath between Abraham and the army of King Abimelech (21:31).  Years later, as Isaac was moving from place to place, God appeared to him here and passed on to him the covenant he had made with his father, Abraham (26:23-25).
  8. Egypt Jacob had 12 sons, including Joseph, Jacob’s favourite.  Joseph’s ten older brothers grew jealous, until one day the brothers sold him to Midianite merchants going to Egypt.  Eventually Joseph rose from Egyptian slave to Pharaoh’s “right-hand man”, saving Egypt from famine.  His entire family moved from Canaan to Egypt and settled there (46:3, 4).


©KingsWay NIV Church 1973.



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