Stumbling Stone

vintage travel poster.

Jesus as:

(Israel’s past, present, and future Israel’s Unbelief…)

Why not? Because they pursued it not by faith but as if it were by works.  They stumbled over the “stumbling-stone”.  ROMANS 9:32

The “stumbling-stone” was Jesus. The Jews did not believe in him, because he didn’t meet their expectations for the Messiah.  Some people still stumble over Christ because salvation by faith doesn’t make sense to them.  They would rather try to earn their way to God, or else they expect God simply to overlook their sins.  Others stumble over Christ because his values are the opposite of the world’s.  He asks for humility, and many are unwilling to humble themselves before him.  He requires obedience, and many refuse to put their wills at his disposal.

  (The Living Stone and a Chosen People…)


“A stone that causes men to stumble

and a rock that makes them fall.”

They stumble because they disobey the message – which is also what they were destined for. – NIV 1 PETER 2:8

Jesus Christ is called “the stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall”. Some will stumble over Christ because they reject him or refuse to believe that he is who he says he is.  But Psalm 118:22 says that “the stone the builders rejected has become the capstone”, the most important part of God’s building, the church.  In the same way today, people who refuse to believe in Christ have made the greatest mistake of their lives.  They have stumbled over the one person who could save them and give meaning to their lives, and they have fallen into God’s hands for judgment.


©Kingsway International Church 1973.


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